Hellöschen, I am Leon 🌸 a multidisciplinary designer educated in the Food non Food department at the Design Academy Eindhoven. In my work I want to encourage a playful and welcoming attitude towards life and otherness.
I make ceramics, build a treehouses, write books, design typefaces, posters and other graphics, code websites, produce and organize events, set up social spaces, research food and health systems and, I rellay like potatoes(german: Kartoffeln)🥔


2017-2022 Design Academy Eindhoven
2020-2021 Internship Social Service Club
2019-2020 Kindoff Kollektif
2016-2017 Botanics and Physics At HU Berlin

Basteleur by Keussel via Velvetine
Swear by Ohno via OH no Type
DIGITAL DREAM by Pizzadude via 1001 Fonts
Akt andUNNAMED by me. Donwload for free in the Shop.

Copy Copy-workshop
From Below-ceramics
A Treehouse-worlding
The Shrinking Temple-installation
Spring Together-event
Dr. Leon-education
Spirits of Wonderland-stage design
Plantopia Pandemonium-shortstory
The Children of O-dinner
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Within the fields of design and art copying is not very welcome. It is considered lazy, unorignal and uncreative. This project however, explores a world in which copying is not something to be ashamed off, but rather a playful an genuine act of participation in existing ideas. It takes the form of a series of public copy-cup-making workshops, a typeface created in collaboration with a copymachine called 'copetica' and an essay for a deeper dive into the matter.

Find out more, download the typeface, or buy the book on →
Copetica is typeface made by copying Helvetica again and again and again. It was made in collaboration with the BROTHER DCP-J172 printer with the Serial Number E72311H3F432843.

Free Soup is a public intervention and performance of giving away free soup to strangers, no strings attached. It’s an initiative to reclaim ‘free’ as what it once was, a symbol of love, care and kindness. Free Soup takes the shape of a popup protopia - a small and realistic antidote to dystopia. It is a pragmatic approach to creating unforeseen relationships between strangers and spreading kindness through sharing soup. I call it a → souptopia.
Ongoing ceramics exploration, often inspired by for underwater worlds.

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In recent years, wildfires have ravaged globally, wreaking havoc on physical and emotional landscapes. The forest that surrounds Athens used to be a green belt; now, this land is charred and feared. It is like an encounter with death, and that is uncomfortable. We face loss of control and a transition into uncertainty. In a burned forest however, death appears to be rather lively. Forests are spaces where life and death are constantly trading places, becoming each other. VI started to understand it as the beginning of something new, and as ‘nature’ regrows, we have an opportunity to discover co-existing with the unknown.
This is the closest busstation to the forest. It has been desctructed in the flames, just like so many buildings in the area. In a nightly intervention we painted it white to set symbol for a new beginnings.
The chaos of the last year has lead to an increased urge for Escapism. Building a tree-house is like building your own world. “Worlding” (a word introduced in twentieth-century philosophy) becomes a vital practice to help us navigate darkness, maintain agency and appreciate the multitude of worlds we can choose to live in and create. "Little Sweden" is a tree-house for the Social Service Club.
An amazing organisation and world of its own, supporting young talent and researching the human potential in a truly lively way. I had the honor of spending a magical year full of beautiful people and adventures with them. I could not describe in words, pay them a visit ->
The treehouse brings a piece of their peaceful safehaven in the deep swedish forest to headquarters in Denmark. A tiny world to retreat to, disconnected from the chaos, halfway up the trees, where the tranquil surroundings appease and release the mind.
The world is running out of space and it will not get any bigger.
Perhaps we should get smaller instead.
In the ‘Shrinking Temple’ we aim to explore the magical shrinking abilities of the tumblr dryer. In our quest to discover the mysteries of shrinking, we shall shrink it all, from clothes to cucumbers, and, ultimately, ourselves. Come inside this temple of learning and spin your ideas for a greater world and a smaller us.

Thanks to Arne Hendricks and all the team of MU Artspace

with Miles Worner
With the yellow rasp fields starting to glow and corona measurements being relaxed, we wanted celebrate the last weekend of spring with a 'Spring Together' dinner party at Social Service Club farm.
We teamed up with our dear friends from ‘Lille Bakery’ from Copenhagen. Together we had a wonderful lovly afternoon evening with workshops, a 3 course dinner and fantastic music.
In the research project with ArtRebels for the swedish supermarket ICA, I was part in developing the Feel Food Education.

Feel Food Education is a platform dedicated to take part in tackling health literacy and inequality. It offers free and fun educational content the topics of food & health. The main focus lies on a growing body of digital lessons by Dr. Leon.

Dr. Leon is a fictitious character who serves as your teacher and guide, providing you with interesting insights, research on other findings from the Feel Good Lab. An open and free discourse is also an essential part of the platform and can be found online or at one of our engaging events.

Here are 4 videos for you: The Intro, Eating Together, Microbes and Fasting. Enjoy!

more about the Feel Good Lab
2020 Social Service Club had organized a Summer Club. One magical week, in between great people, food & activities. The Summer Club was succeeded by a little festival & celebration where these figures framed the stage and surrounding - symbols for the abstract, human and intimate conversations we had, the topics we touched upon..
In collaboration with Miles Worner I wrote a sci-fi short about IKEA plants that mutated and took over the world, as experienced by a wise old toad, who sleeps in an ancient mud-hole.
The story was accompanied by a series of different forms of exhibition, involving cardboard, 2,000 A4 sheets of photo textures, a café, sound and more.
The story is a fantastical guise to our serious doubts about globalisation and responsibilities that have to be taken as consumers. The book was translated to greek, page by page, by people of the city we met and friends.

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The kindoff.collective was the framework for an educational experiment at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Longing for inspirations and challenges of a new dynamic context we ventured to Athens where we created a collectively run design studio and gallery with bi-weekly exhibitions. Right in the centre of Exarchia, where political activism meets creativity and nightlife, we set up ourselves in an abandoned mansion. Over the cause of 6 months we organised 10 exhibitions, many workshops and residencies and countless meetings – full of love and struggle.
We learned a lot in this hub of support and exchange. From how to work and learn together in a horizontal hierarchy, over engaging into a cultural context and creating an alive cultural venue to producing and curating exhibitions.
It was great!
The treehouse is not just a child dream come true - it is a platform. A space to imagine, a space to dream, a space for play and dialogue — an escape from the reality. We used it as an alternative way to research and explore a growing body of questions, to offer tiny events to people in the days of the lockdown and to stimulate and remodel a worldview with new values in its center, such as plants instead of humans and together instead of alone.
80 years from now most of the northern hemisphere is barely inhabitable... However, a fictional cult of survivors formed a strong community around Mediamatic in Amsterdam and invited all fellow nomadic survivors for 3 neo futuristic dinners - celebrations of appreciation in the dystopian future of water scarcity. We extrapolated and explored the effects of climate change on our eating culture and our relationship to water.

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I am very determined that I do not want to spend my days hundged infront of a computer yet I find a lot of joy in puzzling togehter posters, coding websites, drawing logos and typefaces, editing videos and other graphics for events and projects.